The Exploring Physics Curriculum was a product of the A TIME for Physics First professional development project. An inquiry and modeling-based curriculum for high school conceptual physics (Physics First) was developed and tested  by the instructors and attending teachers during the summer academies and in 9th grade classrooms. Exploring Physics is based on an inquiry and modeling pedagogy. Students learn physics concept through hands-on labs, followed by practices and reading pages. Extensive teacher resources are included. Further information is available at the Exploring Physics website.

Exploring Physics includes the following eight units.:

Unit 1. Introduction to Electricity

Unit 2. Electrical Circuits 

Unit 3. Uniform Motion

Unit 4. Accelerated Motion

Unit 5. Forces and Newton’s Laws

Unit 6. Application of Newton’s Laws

Unit 7. Linear Momentum

Unit 8. Energy

Examples of tutorial videos included in the Exploring Physics app 

Visit the Exploring Physics YouTube channel to sample more videos.

Motion Diagrams

Force Diagrams

Energy Bar Graphs