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Expanding Freshman Physics in Missouri 2009-2015

Funded by the National Science Foundation, this project worked to develop physics teacher intellectual leaders 36 participating Missouri school districts. 123 teachers from 53 Missouri districts participated in A TIME for Physics First from 2006 to 2015.




Welcome to A TIME for PHYSICS FIRST!

Fast Facts

What is Physics First? By Students from Simonsen Ninth Grade Center, Jefferson City, MO:

Dorina Kosztin's interview at Syndicate Mizzou (click on image)

Meera Chandrasekhar's talk: "Physics First in Missouri" Nov 2015 (click on image)


A TIME for Physics First is a partnership among the University of Missouri-Columbia (MU), and thirtyseven Core Partner school districts. The project was funded by the National Science Foundation Math-Science Partnership Institute grant titled A TIME for Freshman Physics in Missouri (Academy for Teachers using Inquiry and Modeling Experiences for Freshman Physics in Missouri), funded September 2009-Aug 2015 (NSF-DUE 0928924).

The vision of the project is to prepare Missouri's 9th grade science teachers to become intellectual leaders as they learn to teach a yearlong freshman physics course. Leadership skills are built through research-based professional development (PD) that includes comprehensive physics content, pedagogy, research and evaluation. Participating teachers and university faculty gain an expanded range of leadership expertise, content knowledge and pedagogical proficiency to share with others, as they become resources and catalysts for reform in science education at the secondary and post-secondary institutional levels. Ultimately, the overall goal is a significant increase in student achievement in science and science coursework. Further information about the program starts on the Program Basics page.

Project goals:

Project Results: A summary of the results of the project is available on the Project Results page.

Project Curriculum: The curriculum developed by the project is currently being published in digital form, and is available on the Exploring Physics website. As of March 2016, a beta version for iPad is available for three units: Introduction to Electricity, Uniform Motion and Accelerated Motion. Other units on Electrical Circuits, Forces and Newton's Laws, Applications of Newtons Laws, Momentun and Energy will be available later in 2016. PC/Mac, Android and Chromebooks versions will also be available.